Gurkoz Productions v3.0 Website (2000-2003)

This was a huge project in comparison with the previous two. Almost a whole year was spent in the conception and planning, where all my free time was spent. Wrote lots of text and materials describing me as a person and the idea behind the company and the profile. Colors from version 2 was passed on and at the same time a logo for “GurkoZ Productions” was created.

Also introduced here where a complete archive of images and materials. At that time there was no good way to make it dynamic so I had to content myself with static html pages. To finalize everything with over 300 pictures were still a strenuous process requiring time and patience. I used a template to the maximum extent and it all turned out pretty good in the end.

The menu was also given an upgrade which required some extra work. A massive amounts of guides and calculations were the basis for the new approach. A little extra effort in the program 3D Studio Max also gave it a rotating logo to add it something beyond the ordinary.

Much time was spent on developing a unique look for each section. At the time not much material was available, so I based most parts on photographs and portraits of myself. This in turn would upset more people than I ever could have imagined.
I will not speculate on why people are morons but i frequently had lengthy discussions with a number of disturbed individuals. Basically, it was my personal website and I saw no major problems with this. Perhaps it looks a bit narcissistic when I look back on it but it was still a fun project that I learned a lot from.

After this i soon started getting involved in ASP and that opened a lot of possibilities for version 4.
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