Gurkoz Productions v4.0 (2003-2005)

In this version, everything branched out into no less than four parts. This would later get the name “GPN – GurkoZ Productions Network.” Everything was built in a custom content management system designed exclusively for this purpose. With the help of dynamic tools that also simplified the process of updating text and image considerably. Applications such as a creative archive and guestbook are now built from scratch with all the functions required.

I was at the time extremely tired at all the stiff and white sites that were considered the most correct and modern. All the talk about “less is more” and how bright and easy everything should be. In order to get some breathing space and an outlet for my locked up creativity, I tried to create something a bit more graphically demanding. I turned to the gaming world, trying to find something a bit more futuristic with screens and small details. It was based on an image of a hard drive and on top of this the different sections where created. I think i really achieved something spectacular and perhaps someone will realize what an incredible amount of time that was spent on this.

The whole thing with multiple sites would ultimately still prove to be too much work to maintain. My basic idea was to vary my work and create new sites whenever I stumble upon something interesting. However to update all of this and keep it alive, was a bigger task than I had anticipated.

On the 9 August 2005, the website was discontinued to instead focus on version 5.
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